Coastal Sanatizers is a division of Helix Enterprises LLC, based on St.Simons Island, GA. In 2016 we divided Helix into two separate divisions; Specialty Cleaning Company, with a focus on residential, rental and commercial cleaning services and Prestige Property Watch, a key-holder/concierge service for absentee home owners. Coastal Sanitizers was started out of the 2020 corona virus pandemic. We felt there was a need to serve the community using a reliable and extensive method to disinfect and sanitize our clients' properties. 

The recent events of COVID-19 has made us all evaluate our daily routines, interactions and personal/public sanitation. Because of our experience in the cleaning industry, it was a natural fit to add Electrostatic Disinfection to our suite of services. 



Network: ERC-721 NFT. Amount avalible: 10,000. Presale limit: 3 per wallet. Limited to 1500 whitelisted wallets. (Info on discord soon).

What is Bat Punks?

Bat Punks is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated artworks from 150 hand drawn traits. The collection will be flying through the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. Bat Punks Collection has a variety of features including the type of suit, skin colour, mouth and accessories. Each Bat Punk has a unique combination of features varying in rarity level.

When can I buy Bat Punks?

The estimated release is Presale = October 14th 2021. Public Sale will launch 4-5 hours after Presale. (Will be specified closer to release).

Where do I buy Bat Punks?

You will be able to mint up to 15 Bat Punks through our minting website, which will go live on the day on the launch.

How can I buy Bat Punks?

You can send ETH to your browser wallet extention. We reccomend MetaMask. Then connect to our minting webstie. From there you'll be able to mint your very own BatPunk. It will be avalible on OpenSea after minting through our website.

How much will a Bat Punk cost?

Each Bat Punk will cost 0.055 ETH (+gas).

What is the smart contract address?

Coming soon.

What is the project wallet?

The project wallet is where are funds are sent to support the community and growth of Bat Punks Collection. Funding merch, framed artworks and buying up the price floor.